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Co-Housing Porta Portese, is located in the South of Rome.


The proposal offers a high quality addition to a residential street that previously lacked (scarcity) significant architectural interest.


The scheme reinforces the street frontage with a strong rhythm to the façade and provides a central welcoming entrance.


The design of the building has a very logical plan intended to make way-finding easy. Circulation is via colonnades and external walkways which offer connection to the gardens, opportunity for interaction and view across the site.


The building and ground are barrier free with level access and generous space throughout. Large communal spaces including a lounge, salon and activity room provide a vibrant social heart for community interaction.


The residences’ garden provides an accessible space for outdoor activities and a green prospect from communal spaces and open deck circulation. The proposal consists of a 6 storey house with a roof garden that contain 142 units in variety of house types for social rent and a two towers with offices, hotel and restaurant in the last two floors.


Dual-aspect apartments are accessed from open deck walkways that overlook the shared landscaped gardens. The apartments are flooded with natural light with the majority south facing, and all have private generous balconies with brise-soleil and winter gardens. The north facing elevation is instead part closed with narrow windows and part open with cantilever full height glazed windows along the street.


Residents’ parking is located underground freeing up the street from vehicles. This creates space for trees, landscaping and wider pavements to prioritise pedestrian movement. The street landscaping serves to enhance biodiversity and habitat networks across the site.


Porta Portese, Rome, Italy 


Competition 2015

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