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ruaB studio is a London-based ethical multidisciplinary design studio with an emphasis on sustainability, founded in 2020, which operates in the fields of architecture, interior design, and product design for both private and commercial clients in the UK and internationally.

Our aim is to dis­cover new sustainable approaches to design which will help to reduce the environmental impact of construction, improve buildings’ energy efficiency and performance whilst at the same time continuing to promote the well-being of the occupants.


We believe that it is important to fully understand the impact that buildings have on the environment and on our well-being in order to move forward and to create better ways of designing for the future.

Recognising this, together with everyone working in the construction industry and our clients, we are committing to strengthen our working practices to create architecture using natural low-carbon construction materials wherever possible, that has a more positive impact on the planet.

Nia Russo



Nia is a Chartered Architect and Retrofit Coordinator, passionate about energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental design. She has over ten years of practical working experience from inception through to completion on residential, education, and mixed-use projects.


Since graduating in 2011 from the Univ­ersity of Rome "La Sa­pienza" with a Master­’s degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architec­ture and Urban Design, she worked as a technical lead architect for a range ­well-known architectu­re and interior design practices in Rome and London, which gave her opportunities to work on different type of buildings and deliver several large-scale remediation and retrofit projects. Key responsibilities included; training and supervising younger team members, project design management, leasing with clients, design teams and site visits.


Outside of work, Nia volunteered at the Low Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) as a part of the retrofit work-stream and contributed to the Climate Emergency Retrofit Design Guide 2021. She appreciates researching innovative sustainable development approaches to reduce the environmental impact of construction, improve the energy performance, contribute to building safety, and most importantly, promote the well-being of the occupants.


She is a strong advocate for gender inequalities within the architectural profession and actively supports women working in the built environment. She has been volunteering as a mentor for Women in Architecture (WIA) Mentoring Programme during the last few years.

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