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As a multidisciplinary design studio, ruaB studio believes in the benefits of collaborating with external partners to share and enrich experiences, skills, and resources towards a common objective.



Natalia Giacomino Architects is a practice established in 2020 with the intention of creating unique architecture.

The cardinal point of design within the studio is based on the search for architectural spatiality and environmental sustainability. In fact, one of the focal points is the creation of architecture that does not age over time, but which integrates itself into an ever-changing world.


The studio aims to follow the highest design and quality standards. The use of the best materials and attention to cost are at the heart of our design principles.

The highly specialised team always aims to improve; this is why they attend annual refresher courses such as the advanced training course in LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and the BREEAM Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method course.

Thanks to the use of advanced software, the client and contractor will always be up-to-date on project developments.

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Natalia Giacomino


International experience in architecture and urban design. She studied in Italy at the University of Florence and she co-founded Amnyosia, an architecture design research group. Her passion for architecture let her participate in several competitions since she was doing her studies.

She worked in Residential Design Solutions to get UK experience from concept up to completions. She worked for 2 years in Design International in London, after working 3 years in China, two years spent in Shanghai, one year in Beijing in MAD Architects, and one year in Space Agency in the UK.

She worked in international and diverse firms, gaining experience from the concept design phase to the development phase. Her skills range at different levels: from urban scale planning to the attention for architectural details.Moreover, she is interested in researching new materials to fuse them with elegance and a clever way of design.

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